In order to expedite software development, we will be testing using an Arduino Prototype. Therefore, we can interface with sensors before moving to the custom PCB.


Protoshield Schematic

We will be using a Protoshield for our prototyping with the Arduino. Protoshields also allow us to:

  • Keep cables organized
  • Ensure components are both securely connected and detachable
  • Keep the IMU upright and stable

Sensor Testing

Sensor testing was fairly straightforward. Adafruit provides drivers for all their breakout boards, as well as example code. This allowed us to quickly bring up and test all our required sensors.


The IMU worked flawlessly. It is able to output the exact orientation with no drift.

IMU Serial Output


The GPS had several unexpected issues. The GPS was unable to locate a satellite signal whenever indoors. It will, therefore, be much more difficult to test.

GPS Serial with No Signal

Once outside, the GPS took about 1 minute to locate a satellite. This was far longer than the expected 5 seconds. To resolve this, we can use a coin cell battery to maintain a real-time clock. This dropped the time to lock, but the GPS was still unable to locate satellites indoors.